How To Make Money On YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos INC YouTube SHORTS ($30,000/Mo Auto-Created)

How to make money on YouTube without making videos which includes YouTube shorts as well. I’ll show you how to find a profitable YouTube channel and auto-generate the content in minutes without creating these videos or ever showing your face.


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YouTube in my opinion at the moment is one of the best ways to get started online to make money. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business. Now with the introduction of YouTube shorts, it’s getting bigger and bigger and you should definitely get started ASAP.

So in this video, I want to show you how to find a profitable YouTube niche in minutes and then how you can take that niche and start creating content with a software that does everything for you called Invideo.

The amazing thing about this software is that it can be used for free to create up to 60 videos a month and it also provides a voice-over as well.

To get access you can open a free account using my link (above in the description). If you later want to upgrade, you can get 25% off premium plans by using my coupon code SMT25.

Once you have access to this software you can start creating YouTube videos and Shorts that will help you get the 1000 subs and 4000 hours to be considered for the YouTube partner program so you too can make money with YouTube.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:41 How to Find YouTube Niche Ideas
6:52 How to get access a free video creation tool
10:05 How to create the videos step by step
19:00 How to ad voiceovers
23:44 How to create a thumbnail
27:09 How to download the finished video
27:31 How to Optimise the video
28:15 Video Recap

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The Fundamentals of the Search Engine “Google”

The Web designers are the individuals who are in fee of maintaining a site as well as the site owners commonly spend great little time, large initiative, and in several of the cases, a great little bit of cash in an effort to influence the SERP of Google listings, with a hope in to manage a greater heights in that certain list. Understanding the overall process is absolutely nothing but the main action in determining where the SEO approaches are feasible to make use of in order to achieve the objective of enhancing your site’s SERP positioning.

SEO for the Beginning Internet Marketer

The term Search Engine Optimization means Look engine optimization; it is the process of getting your websites to turn up in the outcomes returned by Bing Yahoo and also Google when someone places the term they are looking for in the search box of the online search engine. If you have an internet site concerning canine homes, and you would certainly like the internet search engine to feature your pet home page when people look for “pet dog homes”, there are specific steps that you need to complete for that to happen.

Things To Be Noted While Doing Search Engine Placement

Finding means on just how to have a much better online search engine placement is a considerable advertising method which can instantly increase the popularity of services being marketed online. SEO optimization means going for a higher search engine positioning and also this might be accomplished by utilizing online search engine positioning strategies that can aid them obtain more interest. Browse engine advertising and marketing is extremely competitive and requires skilled and also trained people to lead a group right into an excellent advertising and marketing technique. Generating an unique SEO optimization is a technique which might allow you to be remembered and help you get on top of your game.

Making the Most of Your Site With an SEO Agency

The term “Search Engine Optimization” might not indicate a lot to some organizations yet in actually, there are few points more crucial. A Search Engine Optimization agency is likely to be one of the most effective investments an organization will certainly make since online search engine optimization will certainly make an internet site a lot more visible as well as boost conversions significantly.

Increase Your Success With Search Marketing Local Listings

You can quickly raise your organization success with search advertising local listings. Even if your company is a global one, you can still get superb arise from targeting cities. You need to always list your organization in a range of neighborhood internet search engine listings. This is due to the fact that it has been revealed time and again in market tests that neighborhood searchers are a lot more likely to acquire the services and products for which they are looking.

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