Software Tool Earning $8K/Month Within A Year – #makemoneyonline

Software Tool Earning $8K/Month Within A Year – #makemoneyonline

Tag Parrot helps your site get indexed on Google within 48 hours via Google’s Indexing API ????

Founder Chris Blakey tweets…

????️ October update for @TagParrot

???? $8,175 MRR (+$3,646)

He only launched the tool in February this year and looks like most of his initial growth was from tweeting about it and word of mouth (example).

???? The product started to gain serious traction around May-June thanks to…

Word of mouth and SEO kicking in.

Now, the business has reached a run rate of $100K/year ????

Sounds like an overnight success, but Chris set the record straight a few months back…

About 3 years ago I started this solopreneur journey. In this time I have built 7 products only two of which are still alive and only one has actually made any money.

Working full time in a senior position for a very large company, while growing the family to 3 children doesn’t leave much time to work on side passion projects.

The important thing is to keep grinding away, finding an hour here and an hour there…

…If you don’t get any traction initially, don’t give up, but keep working at it, keep experimenting, keep pushing yourself and keep growing.

Tag Parrot is an interesting product idea that you might be able to apply to other scenarios.

From their homepage ????

You can spend hours manually requesting pages to be indexed in Google Search Console, one page at a time. Or spend that time concentrating on marketing and let Tag Parrot handle indexing for you.

What other tools force users to spend hours doing tedious tasks, instead of having a bulk processing option? ????

Could you create an add-on tool to help with that?

Or maybe a productized service?

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